• Sound

    Informs Everything We Do
  • Our Brains

    Operate Using Electrical Impulses,
    or WAVES
  • Healing

    Happens When We Communicate with
    Our Brains in Their Own Language

Inspired by Sound and Dedicated to Healing

Notice the way the music and sound can move us. See the connection that we have to sounds in our everyday lives.  After exiting school as a musician, it was clear how few people have felt connected to those experiences themselves.  My training in multiple modalities (EMDR, Psychodrama, DBT) also demonstrated what they all lacked –  which was connection at this profound level.  Come meet us, and experience connection like none other.

Who We Are

Sound Healing Arts is an organization of professionals dedicated to using experiential and multimedia techniques in therapeutic, coaching, and training environments. 

We specialize in creating an impact that brings people together, develops insight, and allows individuals to connect on a deep level to their inner truths. 

Our founding member, Adam Petty, has specifically developed Sound Therapy, Resonant Sound Experience, and the Therapeutic Emotional Measurement System. 

Sound Healing Arts professionals train in these techniques along with many others to facilitate impactful and dynamic change for individuals, groups, and organizations.

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is a technique for using sound frequencies and music theory so that clinicians and coaches can be active in the creativity of their clients’ processes. 

Sound Therapy allows clinicians to witness the creative process, integrate with many other approaches, and keep the client in the driver’s seat of their therapeutic experience. 

Sound Therapy can be utilized by physiotherapists to facilitate somatic activation and release. It can aid psychotherapists in their ability to access historical resources and traumatic information. Life coaches can use it to assist their visualization of future projections, to promote focus, and to facilitate a deeper connection to difficult material. 

How the Process Works

It’s easy to get started. Simply click “Get Started”, fill out the requested information, and a therapeutic professional will reach out to see what services are appropriate for the challenges you’re looking to resolve. 

Once you’ve learned about our options and decided on the first directions in care, the appropriate professsional will do an assessment of past, current and future needs. Your therapist then uses this information to develop a roadmap for care.

Over time, goals and movement are measured, and reassesments of progress are made to ensure the best treatment outcomes possible. 

Whether you use EMDR and process historical traumas, attend groups and workshops and learn new modes of expression, or participate in the therapeutic music curriculum, your progress will be clear, obvious, and substantial towards goals that bring you into the best life you want for yourself, your family, and all your closest relationships.

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