Adam Petty, LAC

My approach

I am a counselor, advocate, and coach for families and individuals, for those seeking to heal and have better lives and those who are searching for something different. I believe every path is sacred and that the exploration of these paths brings us more of what we want in life. It elevates our purpose and understanding as well as the purposes of those around us. We want to matter, to be significant, and to fully feel our right to take up space and maybe even make a difference in the world.

My story

My life has had its share of ups and downs, from adverse childhood experiences, to a neurodivergent brain, from cognitive and musical gifts (which come with their own set of challenges), to physical and emotional struggles. I had to learn how to emotionally tread water while growing up in Detroit in the 80s and 90s. My family grappled with addiction and tried to muddle through without any significant support. There were many times where I experienced that nothing was guaranteed: college, a job, or even having a roof over our heads. Yet alongside the negatives there were also many positives, such as singing songs on car trips during family vacations, driving around the country to attend music camps, and meeting all different kinds of people. It was confusing, and I had no idea how to reconcile these different sides of my childhood, so I learned to stuff it away and not talk or feel anything about it at first. Now, I see that addressing those troubles have brought me to an understanding that is invaluable, and that acknowledging the whole of our lives, positive and negative, is essential to growth.

What has inspired me the most is a combination of my musical experience and my journey of self exploration. While working toward a master’s degree in music, I had my most profound experiences while improvising and creating. Being a part of an improvisational musical ensemble took me to emotional places that amazed me, and showed me the power of music and creative collaboration. As part of my personal growth process, I have participated in multiple retreats, therapeutic workshops, and trainings over the last fifteen years. Each of these experiences brought me to feelings and awareness I didn’t know could exist. As a result, I started to explore ways I could combine these experiences to progress with my own healing, as well as to provide support to others on their journeys.

Today, after being involved in support groups regarding family-based addiction over twenty years, and being in practice myself for more than six, creativity, art, and music are vehicles for the work I do with clients, including EMDR, Psychodrama, DBT and CBT, and somatic techniques. This is the essence behind Emotive Repatterning, which is using creativity to chart the path and then using the work to bring us to new places. When we encounter challenges, whether they are trauma, addiction, ADHD, Bipolar, emotional instability, or obsessive and repetitive thoughts, creativity is always there. And if it isn’t, that tells us where to start.

My work

I am a Licensed Associate Counselor fully trained in EMDR with a master’s degree in music. I have over 300 hours of training and supervised experience in Psychodrama and Experiential Therapy techniques and am an Intuitive Experiential Therapy practitioner for both groups and individuals while working toward EMDRIA certification. I have additional training in DBT therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and TRE for trauma associated body processing. I also have thirty years of experience as a professional musician, teacher, educator, and coach.

As humans, we need moments and opportunities to have that “blank slate” feeling again, that feeling where nothing that has come before or since can block us from creating our lives on that blank slate. To me, this is pure creativity: the ability to make something from nothing, and the attribute that defines us as individuals and allows us to grow and change, and become the people we want to be. This is the focus of my current work, bringing people emotional wellness through a creative lens, and training clinicians in how to do that for themselves and their clients. Whether you work with me, or any other clinician at Sound Healing Arts, we are going to treat you with respect, compassion, and the knowledge that whether you believe it yet or not, you have the ability to create a new life. You won’t be alone; you’re going to have help, and the reason we are here is because we’ve found that help for ourselves and can bring that process to you.

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