donna winsor, lpc

My approach

Through my work, I have learned the value of resolving emotional issues along with developing strategies for new ways of thinking. When we have losses or difficulties, without the right tools or assistance, we can become stuck and feel helpless or hopeless in getting through hurtful thoughts and feelings. What I’ve learned is that through using methods like Emotive Repatterning, we can look at those experiences in a new way and bring new information and tools to historical situations. Whether we do that with sound using Therapeutic Sound Technique, play using play therapy techniques, or other creative approaches, we can help ourselves grow and mature and see all the resources we have on board to tackle our problems.

My story

As the youngest of 6 kids growing up in upstate New York in a family that experienced addiction, I learned what it’s like not to be noticed or to be taken for granted. I learned about grief and loss. Despite the challenges, our family did the best we could and I’m appreciative for the strength that experience helped me develop. Today I’m a wife and mother myself, I know how to access the resources I want and need in my life.

As a counselor with both strong spiritual and academic guides, I am grateful for the balance and insight that both bring to my life on a daily basis. My strengths lie in teaching skills needed to cope in difficult situations all while helping clients become aware of ways to improve and change their focus and thought patterns for the better. I have a degree in special education and have experience establishing research-based school programs for children with behavior disorders. My background in developing IEPs and 504 plans with parents allows me to advocate for your family and children, and to help you navigate the system. These techniques and programs encourage children to emerge from unhelpful patterns, and improve attendance rates and academic success. I have seen how simple, short-term solutions can create significant change and will always bring those to you as soon as they are appropriate. In addition, I’m aware of longer term processes that require patience and calm, and we will find the right combination that fits your family’s needs. I also have specific insight with the Christian spiritual tradition, and am happy to work from that perspective for you and your family if it fits.

My work

My work helps clients break through the often paralyzing state of stagnation and helps them see life with a different perspective. I share my discoveries with families, young adults, and teens through individual psychotherapy sessions, group counseling sessions, and seminars to small and large groups. I am the founder of Ain’t MisBehavin’ ABCs, which provides assessments and counseling to all ages. Additionally, I offer a grief group, GriefShare, through my church and am certified through Calabasas Counseling and Grief Center.

I employ strength-based methods that focus on positivity, and I seek to break through patterns of settling for less than we’re worth. And, with Emotive Repatterning and Therapeutic Sound Technique, I am able to provide a new focus that offers clients quick access to emotional processing and resolution. Clients enter with angst and leave with peace and solace.

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