Training Workshpos

If you are a mental health professional, educator, legal professional, yogi, coach, or musician, learn how to utilize technology that can create more immersive experiences for your clients or students.

We cover the basics of computer use for immersive sound, sound creation, music theory and performance.  All of which requires no prior music experience and only basic computer use skills. 

Then we move into trauma informed care, emotional cognition, non-verbal communication patterns, and group dynamics all of which will be covered for both mental health and non-mental health professionals.

Once the foundations are built, then we co-facilitate experiences.

Training is experiential, with online videos, courses, and facilitator led groups where students learn to setup, run, and facilitate others both online and in person.

Training workshops are ideal for people looking to transition to a higher level of online care, people looking for a competitive advantage, and those looking to effect change in a deep and consistent through utilizing immersive experiences.

Corporate Events

Wellness and mindfulness seminars for stress reduction, group cohesion workshops, role fulfillment and training, and self-directed leadership training are all available along with custom workshops create to fit your organization. 

Adam Petty, our principle facilitator has 20+ years experience in corporate training and technological roles, and has delivered trainings to groups from small non-profits to large international organizations. 

Whether it’s to ensure success for your next product release, developing a self-leadership culture, or creating a more synergistic communication chain, Sound Healing Arts can support your growth process.

Small Group Training

Small group trainings are experiences custom crafted for your group or organization.  Bringing a Sound Healing Arts facilitator into your group provides for consultation hours, one on one sessions, team building, and process enhancement training. 

Training or consultation topics can include environmental productivity assessments, trauma informed care exercises, somatic awareness seminars, group synergy facilitation and technology skills seminars. 

Contact Sound Healing Arts to see how your organization may benefit from our unique skills and offerings.


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